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Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS)

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) often refers to a subset of patients that have new, or persistent pain after spinal surgery for back and/or leg pain.

Being a procedure of high-risk, as the spine is loaded with nerves, one fatal move by a surgeon could potentially leave you without feeling in a certain area for prolonged periods of time. As human beings, our nervous systems harbor a vast amount of nerve endings, which could lead to many potential areas for problems when a failed back surgery occurs.

After undergoing, and experiencing a back surgery error, many patients will follow up by filing malpractice claims for the damage done. These claims will often be extended to cover any/all of their losses that can be directly linked to the loss of their livelihood, and/or potential lifelong damages. Some of those claims may be:

• Prolonged and debilitating pain in the back, rear, legs, neck and/or hips.

• Income loss due to a permanent, or temporary injury that is related to the surgery.

• Partial/full paralysis, or other conditions that result in the chronic loss of mobility.

• Compensation to aid in the payment for additional surgeries, recovery, and/or needed rehabilitation. As well as medications, and possible therapy to help ease the pain in a short-term sense.

Claims may also often be made for any types of psychological distress suffered, with a focused lens on the diminished quality of life. Any patients who have unfortunately been injured during back surgery may be eligible to file a malpractice claim, but should certainly consult legal counsel first. Any/all injuries should also be examined by a neurologist, or any other type of specialized doctor so that the extent of damage can be properly determined and documented before moving forward.

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