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Medical Malpractice:

By definition, a doctor is a qualified practitioner of medicine – somebody that you can trust, a person who will help you right the ship when you’re not feeling your best. But day in and day out, we see more and more instances of medical negligence, and doctor malpractice – which can certainly lead to severe injuries, and in more extreme cases – death.

If the malpractice of your healthcare provider has harmed you, or somebody that you love, it would be best to speak with a time-tested team of attorneys – Essner & Kobin, LLP.

With extensive, award-winning careers, of which were spent handling medical malpractice cases, Essner & Kobin are the right people to have on your side when you need help most. Give us a call today at (212) 750-4949 and schedule your free consultation – there’s no fees when speaking to us about a case, and we don’t get paid unless we win.

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At Essner & Kobin, LLP  – we don’t believe that a person’s wealth or intelligence should have anything to do with their right to justice; if you’ve been harmed, you deserve compensation.

If big insurance companies are using your inexperience to keep your hard-earned money in their pockets, you deserve some experience and tenacity to fight and get it back. Founded in 2012, our firm exists simply to help you fight the bad guys, because we know that you can’t do it alone.

You need people who know the system, the jargon, and the rules, so we can beat these corporations at their game, giving you the outcome that you truly deserve.

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